This project aims to offer ways of mapping the Mongol empire that highlight its role in generating inter-ecumenical travel and writing, as well as in developing new ways of visualizing its structures that do not depend on mapping conventions developed in succeeding nation states, particularly China and Russia.


Images of monsters taken from European and Chinese manuscripts

Monsters of the Global Middle Ages seeks contributions considering monsters and monstrous figures from throughout the medieval globe, especially those that set monsters of one region or culture in conversation with monsters of another.

Virtual Placencia

Virtual Plasencia V1.0 is a 3D visualization depicting the relationships between Jews, Catholics, and Muslims in medieval Spain.

A digital project for the study of Syriac literature, culture, and history. exists to document and preserve Syriac cultural heritages for use by a wide audience including researchers and students, members of Syriac heritage communities and the interested general public.

Prester John

A visual interactive journey across 600 years and three continents.

Early Global Connections

Early Global Connections in East Africa connecting Asia, India, Middle East and Europe.

Shell Cup from Peabody Museum, Cambridge, MA

This project explores the historical connections between North America’s Woodland peoples and Mesoamericans.

Global Ivory

 Ivory—all aspects of the material—its identification, origin and manufacture, how it traveled across the world, and its importance culturally as well as economically c500-1500CE

Tang dynasty shipwreck off Belitung Island replete with precious objects shows vibrancy of 9th century trade.