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Under Research and Teaching you may sample a variety of articles on a range of topics written by collaborators and colleagues.  This small selection is meant to whet your appetite and curiosity and is by no means intended as the last word on any topic.  Some articles are written by project leaders whose work you’ll also find on our other pages.  Items are listed alphabetically, by authors’ names.

If you have work you’d like to share, we welcome articles of broad interest and syllabi of courses.  Please send submissions in .pdf form with all permissions secured to Geraldine Heng.

The syllabus of Early Globalities I & II, a year-long faculty-graduate seminar convened by Geraldine Heng, Susan Noakes, and Michael Lower at the University of Minnesota, may also be sampled here, together with a term paper by a graduate student of the seminar, Rick Hauser, entitled “5 Ivory Things.”

We’re aware that clustering our initiatives under the category of a “Middle Ages” marks an imperfect choice, and in our teaching and research we continue to examine critically what our century and previous eras understood the “Middle Ages” to be.  But a global Middle Ages signals an important shift to study a world without a center, and without an assumption of privilege for any location on the planet.

How the world is studied is fragmented—atomized into many academic disciplines, departments that concentrate on national literatures and histories, and divided into area studies that focus on a continent, region, ocean, or sea.

Specialized knowledge is indispensable, and all the people whose work you see on this platform have deep disciplinary training.  But underlying the great romance of our projects is a lively desire for conversation across boundaries—a keen wish to pool knowledges and to stretch beyond what each of us alone can know.

News is our community bulletin board where details of forthcoming events and projects are posted.  We welcome posts on teaching, workshops and conferences, outreach, publications, performances, talks, digital initiatives, public education, and other events and projects relating to a global Middle Ages, and of interest to our communities and the public.

Milestones celebrate group memories of the principal events organized by SCGMA members (lectures given, panels at conferences, and individual publications are not archived here).

The Image Gallery is a photo record and collection of images illustrating several of the events archived under Milestones.

Welcome to the Global Middle Ages.