Who's Who

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Geraldine Heng, Founder and Director, University of Texas - Austin

Geraldine Heng

Susan Noakes, Founder and Co-director, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Lynn Ramey, Co-director, Vanderbilt University, responsible for GMAP portal


International Advisory Board

Stephen Nichols, Chair, Johns Hopkins University

Stephen Nichols

Technical Advisor and Consultant

Michael Widner, Stanford University

Mike Widner

Mappamundi Project Leaders and Teams (asterisk denotes Project Leaders)

"Discoveries" of the Americas

*Lynn Ramey, Vanderbilt University, Director

David Frederick, University of Arkansas

Todd Hughes, Vanderbilt University

Early Global Connections: East Africa between Asia, and Mediterranean Europe

*Chapurukha Kusimba, American University, Director

Chap Kusimba

Jeffrey Fleisher, Rice University

Adria LaViolette, University of Virginia

Jonathan Waltz, Rollins College

Mapping the Mongol Empire

*Christopher Atwood, Indiana University, Director


The North American Middle Ages: Big History from the Mississippi Valley to Mexico

*Timothy R. Pauketat, University of Illinois, Director

Timothy Pauketat

Susan M. Alt, Indiana University

Thomas E. Emerson, Illinois State Archaeological Survey

Timothy K. Perttula, American Museum of Natural History

Jeffrey S. Girard, Northwestern State University

The Peregrinations of Prester John: The Creation of a Global Story Across 600 Years

*Christopher E. Taylor, University of Texas at Austin

Christopher Taylor

Prosopographical Study of Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Medical Elite

*Nükhet Varlık, Rutgers University-Newark

*Abdurrahman Atçıl, Queens College, CUNY


The Story of Global Ivory in the Pre-Modern Era

*Rick Hauser, University of Minnesota

Rick Hauser

Stephanie Hornbeck, Caryatid Conservation Services

Rachael Arenstein, Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem

Virtual Plasencia

*Roger Martinez-Davila, University of Colorado

Roger Martinez-Davila

Victor Schinazi, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology/ETH-Zurich

Katja Wolff, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology/ETH-Zurich

Paddington Hodza, University of Wyoming

Skye Swoboda-Colberg, University of Wyoming

Aaron Choate, University of Texas Libraries

Jade Diaz, University of Texas Libraries

Ladd Hanson, University of Texas Libraries

Jennifer Hecker, University of Texas Libraries

Ethan Persoff, University of Texas Libraries

Matthew Villalobos, University of Texas Libraries       

Ece Turnator, University of Texas Libraries

Zatun, graphic design company


News Coordinator

Erin Labbie, Bowling Green State University

 Erin Labbie

University of Texas Libraries Technology Innovation and Strategy Team

Aaron Choate, Head of Department

Jade Diaz

Ladd Hansen

Jennifer Hecker

Kent Nosworthy

*Ethan Persoff, Webmaster

Jose Gonzalez Roa

Ece Turnator

Matthew Villalobos