Imagining Medieval Narrative: The Travels of Marco Polo

Mongol Empire

Marco Polo

Project Overview: 

Welcome to Imagining Medieval Narrative: The Travels of Marco Polo. We invite you to follow the voyage of the Venetian traveller Marco Polo as it is depicted in his 13th century La Description du monde. The maps plot the individual steps in Polo’s voyage, drawn from his travel account written in Franco-Italian as he roamed through the various kingdoms of the Middle East and Asia.

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Project Team: 

Cara J. Bailey - An Introduction to Marco Polo and Travel in the Middle Ages
​Abby R. Broughton - Manifestations of Religion in the Orient
​Nathan H. Dize - Home Page: Imagining Medieval Narrative: Travels of Marco Polo
​Bonnie M. Griffin - From Mundane to Marvelous: Describing the People of Marco Polo’s Voyages  
Meghan K. McGinley
- Representations of Commerce and Economy in La Description du Monde and web design
John Simpson - Trends and Interesting Facts Found in Marco Polo’s Travels

Consultants: Lynn Ramey, Gabriela Ore Menendez, Todd Hughes